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Although we offer various related services the core of our business is Labour. We thus feel to share our thoughts about the advantages of using us to supply labour to you:
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SAN has served the Mining and Mining Related Industries as well as Engineering, Health, Retail, Transport and Administration sectors since 1997. We are supplying unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labour.

Over the years we have built a solid relationship with our clients and suppliers, built on the ethical manner in which we conduct our business. We are proud to say that SAN has grown from strength to strength and are presently one of the preferred Personal Service Providers in the labour market.

SAN is a customer demand driven company and our motto is to fulfil the expectations and aspirations of our customers. At this site, you will discover more about our Contracting, Permanent and Temporary Placements, Training & Development, as well as our labour outsourcing services. Our staff is professional and resourceful and have extensive experience from the various sectors that we serve.

If you have comments or questions about our products or services, or simply need more information and want to contact us, click on the contact button on any page within this site.

Thank you for visiting and we look forward to being of service to you

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