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Although we offer various related services the core of our business is Labour. We thus feel to share our thoughts about the advantages of using us to supply labour to you:
Legal Compliance
It is important to us that all statutory laws and regulations are adhered to, we also have open policy thus the following documentation is available on request to any current or prospective clients
COIDA Accounts
We offer this service to clients that do not have the personnel resources or do not wish to be involved in this tedious process


Our clients can focus on their core business, as SAN will attend to all recruitment, labour management, discipline maintenance and payroll administration. We are flexible with our fees structure and are happy to discuss various fees structures should our client require that service.


Our clients saves costs as SAN will do the recruitment, advertising, screening and administration of employees. Our Payroll department will handle all salaries and wages thus saving our clients on acquiring expensive Payroll software, cost of payslips and the cost of payroll personnel. We have our own IR Department; who have access to labour consultants and legal professionals which again saves cost for our clients as this is included in our service package. We also deal with all CCMA cases and make use of external consultants should the need arise.


The employee will enjoy greater job security as SAN will look for alternative employment if a contract comes to an end, at times employees are signed-on on a permanent basis by a client. Although we can not guarantee alternative employment we have a large customer base and usually we are able to accommodate an employee on a new project. SAN is proud of the fact that it complies with all legal and statutory requirements as prescribed by law.


  • Reduced management prerogative and control.
  • Increasing complex labour legislation.
  • Increased employee- employer liabilities.
  • Fixed staff costs and low productivity.
  • Increased payroll costs and tax complexities.
  • Extra costs to cover absenteeism and holiday expenditure.
  • Increased time and costs in providing training
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