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Although we offer various related services the core of our business is Labour. We thus feel to share our thoughts about the advantages of using us to supply labour to you:
Legal Compliance
It is important to us that all statutory laws and regulations are adhered to, we also have open policy thus the following documentation is available on request to any current or prospective clients
COIDA Accounts
We offer this service to clients that do not have the personnel resources or do not wish to be involved in this tedious process

Payroll Administration

SAN provides a cost effective, professional, and efficient payroll administrative service to businesses that do not have their own payroll infrastructure.

The following is included with this service:

  • Processing payroll input.
  • Basic Time and Attendance functions
  • Reconciling all Company and other deductions
  • Generating payslips
  • Electronic Salary transfers on behalf of our Client
  • Creating all salary related reports.
  • Managing Employee Tax (PAYE), UIF, SDL, Workmen's Compensation (IOD) and other employee benefits
  • Making Statutory and sundry payments on behalf of our Client
  • Submitting Statutory UIF data electronically to the Commissioner
  • Keep and updating records of employee leave and leave provisions
  • Application and obtaining tax directives on behalf of employee/our Client
  • Managing employee benefits (Pension & Provident Funds, Medical Aid, etc)
  • Managing and administering garnishee orders
  • Reconciling and issuing of IRP5 and IT3A´s at tax year end
  • Completing Workmen´s Compensation annual return and submitting to WCA
  • Handling of tax related issues
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